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EPR’s Charitable Giving Program reflects one of EPR’s corporate values of giving back. We are committed to doing our part to make the communities in which we live, work and invest better places.

Employee Directed Support


As a benefit to employees with at least one year of service, the annual EPR Impact budget includes a pool of funds allocated to support employee-directed corporate contributions to nonprofit organizations with which an employee is personally involved.


EPR will match employee and director contributions annually up to a given amount for contributions from their personal funds to nonprofit organizations that meet the criteria of the program.

Corporate Gifts & Support


EPR’s corporate grant making and sponsorship support is focused on charitable causes and community events that are important to the people in our company and in the communities where we live and work. Criteria for corporate discretionary support include the charitable focus, employee involvement and potential employee engagement opportunities.


A portion of EPR’s Corporate Gifts & Support is designed to focus on charitable causes and community events that relate to EPR’s primary investment segments of Education, Entertainment and Recreation. The Committee may elect to research nonprofit organizations and make grants to specific organizations, for a specific purpose, to further EPR’s intent to focus its charitable resources on causes that relate to its primary investment segments.

Employee Engagement Opportunities

As part of EPR Impact, the Company may sponsor a variety of Employee Engagement Opportunities each year, related to a Focus Area or other cause recommended by the Charitable Giving Committee.


This is an opportunity for EPR employees to volunteer together during work hours to collect basic necessities such as food, clothing, and first aid for families in need, including a holiday “Adopt a Family” initiative. EPR currently hosts “Days of Service,” scheduled once or twice a year for employees to work together in the community.


This refers to employee attendance with colleagues and family at one or more community events sponsored through the Corporate Discretionary Support element of EPR Impact. These are opportunities to celebrate as a team the difference EPR is making in the community.


This allows employees to learn about ways to make a difference in the community, addressing key issues such as best practices for selecting a nonprofit for giving and volunteering, tips for incorporating giving into their lifestyle, ways to use community involvement for personal and professional growth, and ideas for engaging children and families in philanthropy in meaningful ways.