About EPR

EPR Properties (NYSE:EPR) is the leading diversified experiential real estate investment trust (REIT), specializing in select enduring experiential properties in the real estate industry.






Tenants in 44 STATES & CANADA

Our Vision

To build the premier experiential REIT

We focus on real estate venues which create value by facilitating out of home leisure and recreation experiences where consumers choose to spend their discretionary time and money. These are properties which make up the social infrastructure of society.
Experiential drivers
Desire to reconnect and congregate

Create memorable experiences in
safe environments

Why experiential real estate?
A full 74 percent of Americans now prioritize experiences over products or things.* Baby Boomers are entering a stage where “less is more,” while younger generations, particularly Millennials, are leading the charge in placing a newfound value on experiences, more than things. Research has also shown that shared experiences with friends and family drive longer term happiness, while happiness derived from material goods tends to decline after the purchase.
Additionally social media has a significant impact on experiential spending as many consumers use social networks as primary means of communicating. As consumers participate in experiences it has become common to curate and share these experiences via their social media feeds. This social sharing provides detailed information and reviews, expanding the scope of consideration and reducing consumer risk.

Building the premier experiential real estate portfolio

$100+ Billion addressable market

  • Deep market
  • property diversification
  • Experienced team
  • Institutional knowledge
Target experiential property types

* “Generations on the Move: 2018 Expedia and the Center for Generational Kinetics”
Historical Outperformance
Our long-term primary business objective is to enhance shareholder value by achieving predictable and increasing FFO and dividends per share. Central to our growth is executing our strategy which is focused on acquiring or developing experiential properties.
With 358 properties across 44 states, our strategic focus has yielded superior results. EPR Properties has historically outperformed both the Russell 1000 and MSCI US REIT Index in total return, including consistent and strong cash dividend yields.

Source: S&P Global Market Intelligence, dates 11/18/1997 through 12/31/2019