Demonstrating a consistent track record of attendance and revenue, the attractions industry has proven to be an enduring component of the American lifestyle.




Annualized Adjusted Revenue*



Whether it’s the thrill of a big ride or floating along a lazy river, we see our investments in attractions as an opportunity to invest in life’s enduring experiences. That’s why we work with operators that deliver innovative and compelling attractions along with high standards of service, making our attractions full of experiences to remember for families and teens, locals and tourists.

EPR Properties invests in properties that represent classic and innovative activities, including waterparks, amusement parks and indoor skydiving facilities. As the attractions industry continues to evolve, innovative technologies and concepts are redefining the attractions experience.

Waterparks have seen an average attendance growth of 3 to 5 percent since their inception in 1977. Indoor waterparks are also on the rise, making a trip to the waterpark an option in all four seasons. Today’s amusement parks offer themed experiences designed to appeal to all ages while remaining accessible in both cost and proximity. The US Theme and Amusement Park industry reported a 5.8% increase in spending from 2012 to 2017.* Indoor skydiving facilities offer a vertical wind tunnel that simulates true freefall conditions for both inexperienced and seasoned skydivers alike.

*Annualized Adjusted Revenue (a non-GAAP financial measure) is Total Revenue for the quarter ended September 30, 2019, excluding public charter school total revenue, other income and pass through revenues, further adjusted for in-service projects and percentage rent and participating interest. This number is then multiplied by four to get an annual amount. See reconciliation of Annualized Adjusted Revenue to Total Revenue on Slide 17 in the Charter School Transaction Presentation in the Investor Center.
*IAAPA Global Theme and Amusement Park Outlook 2018-2022