About Us


EPR Properties (NYSE:EPR) is a specialty real estate investment trust (REIT) that currently invests in three primary segments: Entertainment, Recreation and Education.




in total investments


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42 states, d.c., & canada

Non-Commodity and Non-Traditional

We focus on the white space that exists between traditional REITs that are either highly diversified or highly specialized. EPR Properties maintains a specialized orientation complemented by diversification across and within segments. Our strategy of investing in a limited number of segments allows us to focus our attention and develop greater depth of knowledge in our chosen segments but still enjoy some benefits of portfolio diversity.

Original Perspective, Depth of Knowledge

Our independent thinking process for assessing segments allows us to identify opportunities that may be hidden in plain sight. Our understanding of segment drivers allows us to isolate investments others may overlook and distinguish between real and perceived risk. Knowledge supported by research is our strategic advantage.

Experienced Leadership, Enduring Partnerships

We are led by an experienced management team. Through a value-added process focused on collaboration, this team of professionals develops strong and sustainable relationships with our partners.

Focused Growth, Strong Long-Term Performance

With 320 properties across 41 states, our strategic focus has yielded superior results. Over the past decade, EPR Properties has considerably outperformed both the Russell 2000 and MSCI US REIT Index in total return, including consistent and strong cash dividend yields.