Entertainment Properties

Our Outlook on Entertainment

EPR Properties owns, develops, finances and leases megaplex theatres, entertainment retail centers and family entertainment centers that deliver a quality experience that value conscious consumers prefer to visit again and again.

Our roots are based upon the fundamentals of quality real estate and its importance to the success of an entertainment business. With more than a decade of experience as a specialty REIT in destination locations, our investment strategies are based upon a deep understanding of how consumers spend their entertainment and leisure-time dollars and the important role that innovation and location play in helping our tenants sustain their competitive edge.

Merging successful operators with quality real estate is the core of our property financing and our partners’ success. We know that when you give consumers the right experience, they’ll come back for more. When they come back, the value of the underlying real estate is sustained, and both the business and the real estate value are positioned for growth.

Entertainment Properties



megaplex theatres **


Entertainment Retail Centers


Family Entertainment Centers


* As of December 31, 2016
** Includes 8 theatres in ERCs